Meet The Team

Neil Collyer

Neil Collyer – Director / CEO

Fineline Printing's  management team has been restructured to emulate a more corporate model.

It has been divided into three areas of operation, each under the control of a general manager with specific tasks and responsibilities.

But this has been no “divide and rule” transformation by the company’s owner, CEO Neil Collyer. The effect has been more “divide and unite”, with staff saying there is a new sense of “camaraderie” about the place, they have a clearer vision of the company’s direction and a greater sense that their own contribution is appreciated and valued.

The restructure – effectively creating finance, sales and operations departments - was effected immediately by Collyer when he acquired the business in early 2012.

He applied his corporate management experience to set up the model most appropriate for Fineline: three areas of expertise working to a single goal – to win the hearts, minds and long-term respect of its clients.

Collyer has held a number of senior corporate positions including four years as National Manager of Operations with Salmat, Australia’s largest blue-chip communications company, was national publications manager for the Sensis-owned Trading Post Group and before that was Group General Manager for the Fairfax Regional and Community Newspapers’ network.

Just as carefully considered as the structure itself was the appointment of his three key managers – his executive management team.

With the structure in place, hands-on CEO Collyer can now ease off a little from the wheel of daily operations and direct his energies at the big picture for Fineline and business development.

He says it is all part of making his company “more robust”.

“Fineline Printing is in fine health and in great shape,” he says. “But you can always be fitter and stronger.”

John Burns John Burns – General Manager of Finance

General Manager of Finance is John Burns, a man with an impeccable professional background, having held such positions as Chief Financial Controller of major European electrical equipment supplier LeGrand International, State Finance Manager for communications giant Salmat and Chief Finance Manager for John Fairfax Holdings, publisher of The Age.

Collyer had worked with Burns before and sought him out for the newly created position.

In announcing the appointment, he said Burns’ financial, budgeting and tax experience would provide a solid foundation for the business to expand upon.

But Burns himself thinks that’s too dry a definition of what he likes to do, decrying any idea that he’s a “cardigan-clad accountant crunching numbers in a musty old back office”.

Burns sees himself as very much a front-office man, combining necessary big-picture financial management with the day-to-day interactions with Sales and Operations, providing quotes, tenders and costings so the other sides of the business - and, most importantly, clients - get quick and accurate financial responses.

Kelly WallaceKelly Wallace – General Manager of Operations

General Manager of Operations is Kelly Wallace, an appointment Neil himself described as “out of left field”.

Wallace was formerly a sales account manager before heading-up the Print Management arm as Print Solutions Manager with Fineline, with previous experience as a printing house general manager and senior corporate management experience. Coupling her production skills and sales experience  made her perfect for a role where “sales-support” is the company’s mantra.

She acknowledges her appointment is a little “left field”, but not just because she doesn’t come from a strictly technical background – the usual pathway to operations management in the printing game. It’s because she’s a woman in a role still dominated by men.

But she is showing gender has nothing to do with good management.

“Having worked on both production and sales, I think my knowledge and understanding of the product helps a lot,” Wallace says.

 “I rely on the staff who do have the technical knowledge, but I involve all staff as much as possible in what we are doing or trying to do, and they respond.”

“It’s like that with (fellow managers) John and Jo, too. We support systems for each other.”

Joanne KinseyJoanne Kinsey – Business Solutions Manager

 Jo Kinsey who has the critical role of canvassing new business opportunities and direct the marketing of the company.

 Jo was hand-picked by Collyer to fill the new role and believes she is a great fit for this most important position.

 Collyer says: “Having worked previously with Jo at Salmat I recognised her sound business acumen and her ability to gel a team together. She was responsible for some multi-million dollar accounts and with strong people skills she was ideal for the type of environment and business model I was attempting to build.”

 Jo says the future of the company has never been brighter with more focused areas of endeavour and the new opportunities Fineline’s expansion into the digital arena has provided.

 “We already provide a lot of services but going digital was really necessary given today’s market.”

Rod MillsRod Mills – Digital Department Manager

Digital Press Manager Rod Mills has been in the digital print industry for 28 years and changed as the industry changed around him. He has known commercial digital print since its infancy.

He was the perfect man to set up Fineline’s Digital Press Department , and it was largely through his painstaking researching into technology and the market that the NexPress was the machine the company bought.

And Rod couldn’t be happier with the choice – although he acknowledges it took some weeks before he and his digital team fully came to master the machine and get the best from it.

“Kodak warned us that there is a lot of user input to keeping the press operating at its optimum, and it was a little frustrating at first, but we’re well on top of it now,” Rod says.

“But the steep learning curve does mean we have a pretty intimate knowledge of the machine and do our own repairs and maintenance.

“And that’s great because it means no down time. There’s no calling technicians and waiting for them to turn up, we do it ourselves and keep the press printing. Fast turnaround is what this type of printing is all about.”

Indeed, high-quality, short-run, fast turnaround is the market sector the NextPress is designed full.

“Digital printing, in its many forms, looks and feels great, but it comes at a cost,” Rod says. “With big runs, offset will remain the most cost-effective way of printing, but for short-runs – say, up to 4000 -  where quality rather than quantity is the main focus, digital is ideal.”

He sees it as perfect for real estate agents who put out highly-graphic auction catalogues each week but don’t know until the last minute what houses they want to put in, or companies looking for classy-presentation folders or promotional material.

Rod said the new press also helped Fineline maintain its status as a green corporate citizen by eliminating waste and a tight recycling regime.

“The process itself means there is minimal waste,” Rod says. “Files arrive and are processed electronically, and in most cases we produce just a single proof before starting the print run. 

“More than 90 per cent of the resources we use, including the toners, is recyclable. Planet Ark comes and collects our waste and recycles it or makes sure it is disposed of in an environmentally sound way.”